Kelowna Virtual Reality Arcade

Ever wanted to know what it's like to walk through a video game, shoot zombies, or paint in 3D? Book a session with us today and be the next to experience virtual reality!





5 of 5 Stars on Facebook

Based on 70+ Reviews

“Went with a friend and had a blast. Played Arizona sunshine a first-person zombie shooter together. They had us set up in a voice chat and assisted with controls and setup. The rooms are quite big with a lot of room to walk around. Staff was friendly and very helpful. At about an hour in my friend had an issue with his headset and they fixed it promptly and gave us extra time to make up for it. Great value, they even give out punch cards to put towards a free hour.

Dylan Fontaine 

“Brought my son for the second time. He absolutely loves it! $25 for an hour is definitely worth it. Can’t wait to get a few friends together and rent 4 rooms so we can all play the same game @ the same time. If you’re thinking about trying it out, don’t think… Just Do It!!! 

Bobby Raymer 

“My boyfriend and I love coming here! They are always so friendly and helpful. There is a great selection of games and always more in the works. This place is great for any age and any reason. Highly recommended Well done guys!!

Corina Musfelt

5 of 5 Stars on Google

Based on 520+ Reviews

“Crazy awesome place!!! We escaped the Space room with one minute left and checked out a couple of the VR games and the guys that run the show there are really nice. Definitely going to come back and rack up some stamps because if you get 4 stamps you get a free hour. I guarantee I’ll get more than a couple free hours!

Michael K

“Intense stimulating brilliant captivating mind works addicting challenging! Just a few expressive feelings we had playing our Escape Game! Thanks to the staff ! We had a blast and plan to come back ASAP! Everyone it’s a must go to for entertainment !

-Debbie C

“I went here with my friend and we had such a fun time! I personally don’t play video games, but I found the staff were super helpful and made it a really enjoyable first time experience! Definitely give it a shot whether you’re an advid gamer or not!

-Larissa P

5 of 5 Stars on TripAdvisor

Based on 175+ Reviews

“They have various rooms with exciting themes. We tried the fallen kingdom, and it was a lot of fun. The rooms are all very high-tech, which made the experience even better. The game really tests your mental ability. The staff was very friendly and attentive and made the experience even more enjoyable. I also loved the hint system, which was unique compared to other hint systems. Highly recommended and would definitely visit again.

-Aljohara A

“Super friendly staff (shoutout to Chris, Trevor and Josh), awesome skill-challenging puzzles (not impossible) and an all around great time. Definitely recommend trying it out.

– Jennie E

“Took a group of 5 to experience VR yesterday, and was thoroughly impressed by our host – Josh. The rooms are great, and the VR equipment was solid. Would recommend to everyone — including seniors — my 83 year old Mom loved it too 🙂

-Allison M


Multiplayer Experience

No one goes on vacation or long trips alone. VR is very similar, and we encourage our customers to come in with small or large groups for maximum fun.

Hands-on Customer Service

Its a fully attended and guided VR experience. Our host are always there your to help you out along the way.

Private & Spacious Rooms

Each VR is in its own room, so you don’t need to worry about strangers looking at you funny.

Viewing Area

We believe that watch your friend play is just as enjoyable as playing together at the same time, so that is why we also have chairs in rooms for your friends.

Safe & Clean

We thoroughly clean each headset in between each use. Our Floors are Padded, Cables are suspended and controllers are equipped with protectors to ensure a safe play space

Huge Game Library

We have a massive rotating selection of high quality games from a wide variety of categories. There is always something for everyone!